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Casa Joyeria LLP​ was established in 2017-18. But the Pillars in the formation of this company are well experienced, having thorough experience of more than 30 years in this field. Alif Brass Products being the parent company is the backbone of LLP. The trend setter as we are referred to by stalwarts of the brass hardware industry and we take pride for that.

Our R & D department is always on the toes employing innovations for betterment of our products. Stringent rules for quality testing and environmental friendly packaging is always on the frontline of our system. We are always eager to give the best to our customers, for this we have full line-up of facility from extrusion profile - machining - assembly - polishing - plating - packing all under one roof.

Not to mention about quality evaluation at each & every crucial point of production to packaging process. We have never even slightly deviated or compromised with quality. Our current time hinges are same as our 30 years back one, same dimension, same weight but with locked pin. In fact, we have added more colors to our products. Now we have many surface finishes to boast about. All the surface finishes adhere to international standards. Herewith we are presenting our range of Brass Hardware, Brass Furniture Fittings, Brass Cylinders, Brass Lock Body, Furniture Locks and Stainless Steel Hinges. Exclusively crafted and colored to suit your need, requirement, décor & mood.


1) Quality of Raw Material is Checked - We have in-house metal testing lab. We check all batches of extrusion, plates and casting which we receive from our suppliers.

2) Test & Approve - Machining stages have it's Test and Approval System.

3) Final Finishing Check - We have many Surface Finish Options and still adding more to boast about. Our competitors have hardly 3 to 4 finishes in their folder. We are far more ahead and better than them. We give Electrophoretic Lacquer coat which can withstand 300 rubs of thinner. Nobody gives thinner test, others give acetone test and that too 100 to 200 rubs only.

4) Working of Hinge - For movement we have mastered the technique. We were the first one to introduce smooth movement in hinges. All pros & cons have been studied and ultimate have been adapted.

5) Green Packing - Our packing is also exclusive. We are the first to start fully recyclable clipless boxes.

6) Appropriate World Class Manufacturing System - We manufacture all our items from extruded bars only, which is far more better and costlier process than casting. Extrusion has more density so it is tough that's why it lasts longer. It doesn't have blow holes and no air is locked within as it is pressed to take it's shape. So better than casting.

7) Use of Appropriate Centre Pin - We use standard pin of 4mm in cabinet hinges and 5mm in heavy door hinges. We have never changed it.

8) Friction Free Movement - All our hinges are lubricated so friction at joints are negligible therefore it's lifespan is enhanced.

9) Sealed Hinges Ends - We seal both the ends of hinges, so the pin is locked inside and therefore the pin does not slip down dismantling the hinge.

You may rest assured you are getting the best returns for your money. Our R&D is always on the toes to give you something better than the best. You can compare CASA with prominent brands in the market, you will come to know that we are very reasonable.

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Casa Joyeria LLP


Plot No. 17, Shree Industrial Park, Kansumra, Jamnagar - 361006. Gujarat. INDIA.

+91 - 9725934110 /

--- Sales Office ---

Casa Joyeria (Mumbai) LLP


158, Kika Street, Gulalwadi, Mumbai - 400004. Maharashtra. INDIA.

+91 - 9321752110 /

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